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Fully-certified equipment training, at our site or yours. MEWP/AWP, Forklifts, Overhead Cranes, ATV/SxS, Skidsteers, Mini-Excavators, Loaders, Light Towers, Ground Thawing. We also offer Experienced Operator Re-Certification Courses.





 1 Day Course 


Designed to teach operators how to safely use scissor or boom lifts.

Operation of elevating work platforms in accordance with the legal requirements is our main focus. Includes Boom Type, Self-propelled, and Portable. Vehicle Mounted is available at specific request.


Content Overview

The program is divided into two parts.

Valid for maximum 5 years

Part One

Focuses on theory, with program content including the following:

  • Legal requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations

  • Requirements of Canadian Standards Association Codes CAN3-B354.2 Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms for Use on Paved/Slab Surfaces and CAN3-B354.4 Boom-Type Elevating Work Platforms and Elevating Rolling Work Platforms CAN3-B354.1

  • Pre-shift inspection of the elevating work platforms

  • Precautions for lifting, lowering, and moving

  • Safe operating practices and the use of emergency controls


Once theory and testing stage is complete, part two, practical evaluation follows a completed test with a passing grade of 80% requirement.

Part Two

Practical Evaluation consists of the following:

  • Workplace inspection

  • Pre-Op on Equipment

  • Operating each class of equipment

  • Demonstration of Skills learned

  • Sign off

  • Training Card issued as per CSA for maximum of 5 years


CLASS1,2,3,4,5 & 7

 1 Day Course 


Every customer is different and GMES recognizes this and offers a combination of multiple forklift courses to meet the needs and requirements of your specific working environment.

We can combine any combination of forklifts to suit the need of your specific work location to ensure employees are trained and competent.


Content Overview

Valid for 3 years


Class 1 Electric Motor Rider Truck

Class 2 Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks (Stand Up)

Class 3 Electric Motor Hand Trucks or Ride On (Motorized Pallet Truck)

Class 4 Internal Combustion Engine Trucks (Solid/Cushion Tires)

Class 5 Internal Combustion Engine Trucks (Pneumatic [air filled] Tires)

Class 7 Rough Terrain Forklifts and Telescopic Forklifts

  • 1,4, and 5 are all sit-down counter-balanced types (G, D, E, and LP)

  • 2 and 3 (Warehouse) are stand-up narrow aisle and motorized pallet jack types

  • 7 (Rough Terrain) are telehandler, straight mast, and truck mounted types



Designed for Experienced Operators in which their current certificate has expired or had an In-House Certificate. Half day with certificate.


  • Expert Training by Certified Instructor

  • Proof of pervious training required. (Expired Card or In House Letter)

  • Includes New Certification Card Upon Completion of Course


 1 Day Course 


This training program is for persons operating overhead cranes such as, Bridge, Jib, Gantry, and Monorail types.

For employees who work with or around cranes.  The object of this course is to familiarize the operator/trainee with types of cranes, their hazards, rules and regulations, and appropriate safety procedures for their use.

Content Overview


Core Competencies

  • Competency

  • Rights and Responsibilities

  • Lifting Device Certification

  • Hazard Identification

Safe Operation

  • Inspections and Reporting

  • Hoisting and Rigging Equipment

  • Safe Operation

  • Crane Hand Signals

0-8 TON

 40hr Course 


This modular training program is for persons operating any mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 0 to 8 tons including any of the following crane types: articulating (knuckle) boom, telescoping boom, radial boom derricks

(RBDs), sign erectors, or carry deck industrial-type cranes.

This training program is a combination of on-the-job and classroom training. In order to qualify for this certificate, the operator/trainee must pass the classroom training and written test as well as pass a demonstration of skills such as operating the mobile crane, rigging for safe hoisting, and demonstrating standard hand signals.

Content Overview

Valid for 3 years or for life if registered with MTCU

  • Hoisting and Rigging Equipment

  • Relevant Occupational Health and Safety Act Regulations

  • Pre-Operational Checks

  • Hand & Craning Signals

  • Job Site Communications

  • Set up and Stability

  • Operation of the Boom

  • Work Site Inspections

  • Operation and Maintenance of a Mobile Crane.

  • Basic Rigging Principles

  • Calculating loads based on size and material

  • Load Charts and Calculations

  • Practical Demonstration to Load Materials and Equipment Relocation

  • Evaluation of Demonstrated Operating Skills

  • Written and practical training and testing provided (Must pass day 3 test to proceed to practical)

0-7.5 TON

 1 Day Course 


This course works to reduce risks of accidents by teaching participants how to recognize and control hazards.

Designed for individuals who will be interacting with, operating, or working around mini-excavator or skid steer equipment. Course covers main parts and functions, safe operating procedures, and pre/post-use procedures. The operator/trainee learns equipment-related technical information during theory and hands-on experience during practical. 

*Courses can be completed separately

Content Overview 

  1. Design Features

  2. Safety Features

  3. Resources

  4. Daily Checks

  5. Know Your Jobsite

  6. Using Proper Attachment

  7. Controls

  8. Operating Fundamentals

  9. Transporting the Excavator

  10. Instructor-Led Walk-around/Demonstration

  11. Daily Checks

  12. Hands on Operations

  13. Hand Out Completion Certificates


 1 Day Course 


Utility Vehicle/Side by Side in the workplace. Completion of a UTV/SXS operator course has become mandatory on many jobs sites for employees and sub-contracted personnel.

We offer training on utility vehicles and side by sides intended for use in the workplace. Whether transporting personnel or using one of many available attachments, GMES offers training that covers your needs. Training available at our site or at your site.

*Training site must meet minimum requirements for size, space and terrain.

Content Overview

Valid for 5 years 

  • Safe riding practices and strategies

  • Pre-ride inspections

  • Knowing your vehicle (review manuals)

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Practical exercises on Braking, Turning and Straight Line Riding

  • Practice Operating on hills and changing terrain

  • Discussions on transporting personnel and materials

  • Loading and unloading materials

  • Available attachments (Winches, Plow, Brushes, Sanders, Etc…)

  • Maintenance Requirements

  • Environmental considerations and issues

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