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Experience superior technical expertise and outstanding customer service with our team at GMES.


Our provincially certified tradespeople, along with our fully equipped mechanical and welding shops, ensure top-notch support. Whether you need quick repairs in the field to resume operations or preventive maintenance for extended equipment life and reduced downtime, partner with us for all your mechanical needs.


Our Service Department is available 24/7.

We have licensed Mechanics and CWB certified Welders to service medium to heavy-duty equipment both in our shop and on customer premises. 


We are able to provide a full range of services including:

  • Heavy equipment repair, rebuild and modification

  • Mobile equipment and fixed plant maintenance – surface and underground

  • Equipment maintenance programs

  • Disassembly and reassembly

  • Structural inspections / NDT / recertification

  • Hot metal ladle repairs

  • Welding repairs and fabrications

Heavy Equipment Servicing Sudbury, ON


Let our experienced tradespeople help you get the job done.

All our support staff have both shop and field experience. With the help of our first-rate support team, you can minimize down-time and get back in service. 


On an hourly basis, short or long-term, we can provide:

  • Heavy Duty Mechanics

  • Industrial Mechanics/Millwrights

  • CWB Certified Welders

  • Sandblasters/Painters

  • Equipment Operators

  • Equipment Trainers


We have the capability to handle your heavy equipment haulage needs.


Our freight trucks are available for moves within the Sudbury region:

  • Tilt and Load Moves - Weight capacity 15 ton, 28 foot deck

  • Float Truck Moves - Weight capacity 50 ton, 48 foot deck

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